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Purpose & Beneficiaries
While doing her research on Indian Cultural Heritage vis a vis Kathak Dance, Roshan came to the conclusion that the Sculptures and Carvings in stone in Ancient Indian Temples, Stupas and Caves is a treasure of Various Arts, Literature, Science and Adhyatma and it has a tremendous potential which should be made known to public in general. Therefore Roshan has designed a Lecture Demonstration with Slide Show to attract attention of People from all Walks of Life; Students, Professionals, Practitioners, Scholars, Scientists, Researchers, Counselors, Art Admirers…

Dancers, Sculptors, Actors, Painters, Artists, Authors (Literature), Poets
It is interesting to note that, on archeological monuments, most of the dance sculptures appears like postures as described in ‘Bharat Muni's Natya Shaastra’. Therefore all of them get golden opportunity to view disciplines of their interest like nritya, natya, sangeet, abhinaya, sahitya in the stone carvings & are able to realize that the tradition of art did exist 2000 years ago.

Student Community: School (VI std. onward) & College Going
While the Aim is to create awareness about great cultural heritage of India and motivate senior Indians to become guardian; it is equally essential to encourage younger generation for its preservation because they are deemed to be the future guardian. Student community would certainly like to extend willingness to do so provided the treasure of great Indian heritage is brought within their reach at an early age during their school days. The sculptures and carvings in stone in Ancient Indian Temples, Stupas and Caves is a treasure of various Arts, Literature, Science and Adhyatma. Taking in to consideration this great potential it has, from the point that this should be made known to the school going children Roshan has taken initiative in presentation of Lecture-Demonstration with Slide Show in schools and colleges. Roshan believes that exposure to great Indian heritage at an early age will also help in developing personality of Proud Indian Citizen.

As India is very vast, many remotely located & rarely visited archeological sites like Subhashpura, Dang, Sihoniaetc. of Madhya Pradesh may attract attention of the archeologists as it may be new addition to their knowledge. The 999 nos of dismantled temples in Rajasthan pose a challenge to the archeologists to rebuild them by identifying their appropriate parts from the heaps lying spread all over the ground.

Geologists, Civil Engineers, Architects,
They can visualize reaching to the roots of traditions existent, since 2000 years, of construction and erection of gigantic structures made up of stones cut from rock. Extremely Stable and Reliable Structural Design, Adherence to the perfection in Accuracy and Precision in the construction of temples and Stupas confirms that the most scientific methods were known & adopted to lay strong foundation and build long lasting Super Structures capable of withstanding all-season climatic variations & natural calamities: storm, flood, earthquake.

Metallurgists & Mechanical Engineers
They can visualize reaching to the roots of traditions existent, since 2000 years, of Metal Extraction and Forming & Shaping of Metal. Looking at the intricate and beautiful ornaments worn by the persons one can visualize that the technique of Metal Extractionfrom Ore and Forming / Shaping of decorative ornaments was well developed. Geometry of Cutting Tools as required for Roughing, Semi-finish and Finishing operations in Cutting of Rock / Stones were specifically designed Chisel / Hammer and were developed on the principles of Mechanical Engineering.
Visual Communication Designers
GajaLaxmi carved in stone at Sanchi & Markanda are glaring example of Communication Design done 2000 years ago which propagates a message applicable even today and would ‘Live-For-Ever’. There are many sculptures in stones existent as Graphic Designs since Ancient Indiawhich would inspire today’s Designers to derive concepts, ideas, themes for their profession.

Doctors & Medical practitioners
will appreciate the proportionate Anatomy & Physiology of human sculptures.

Art Historians
The clean and neat surface finish, the quality workmanship in rock, the beauty in the aesthetics of magnificent structure: be it a Cave or Stupa or Temple or Bavadi (Water-Well), detailing of Metal & Jewel in Ornaments, clear differentiation of the texture (Silk, Cotton etc) in drapery, appropriate proportion of the anatomy in male-female figures, every stone sculpted with purposeful presentation of the ‘subject’ like Social Life, Mythology, Dance, Deity, Humans (Male-Female), Nature, Musical-Instruments, Armaments etc. lures Art Historians to carry their investigations.

Interior Designer and Exterior Designer, Technologists
Exposure to Khandariya Mahadev Temple at World Heritage Site Khajuraho provides guidance about the concepts and logic that was applied for Designing Exterior & Interior of the temple. Technologists shall admire that the technique to recover stone from the Stone-Quarry and its transportation to construction site was a well established practice.

Costume Designer, Jewellery Designer,
Fashion Designer

Ancient Dance Sculptures on temples & Caves are the treasure for Costume Designer, Jewellery Designer & Fashion Designer. It is interesting to note that most of the designsin Costume, Jewelry & Fashion which are in vogue today find their roots in what was done 2000 years ago. Eco Scientists will appreciate that there are many sculptures like Female Sculpture at Sanchi sheltering the plant propagates the message that the protection of environment [the Mother Earth] is a matter of great concern to humans since ancient India.

Art Admirers & Other Practitioners [Medical, Law, Commerce, IT, Management etc]
In today’s busy life, many of the Art Admirers and Practitioners though keen on visiting Archeological Monuments or Heritage Sites or Museums are practically unable to do so primarily due to paucity of time, energy & other overriding priorities of life. This Lecture -Demonstration shall come handy because it will bring all those finer things of archeology close to them which they otherwise would have missed. This Lecture-Demonstration with Slide Show has collection of Master Pieces of Ancient India which allows Art-Lover to explore & appreciate the treasure of Indian heritage without travelling through our vast country India. Undoubtedly the art lovers get Entertained, Educated, & Enlightened & ultimately feel Enriched by the Art History
of India.
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