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Roshan has produced a vast repertoire of choreographic compositions which include numerous traditional compositions; mythology based classical Dance Dramas, Solo & Duet-Dance numbers as well as Contemporary Compositions. Roshan expresses her Themes and Emotions following the tradition but they appear distinct due to her own advanced sense of aesthetics. She brings new concepts and treatment to the Kathak presentation through her research and innovative dance compositions. They portray not only the artistic expressions of the Kathak -Dance but equally well enlightens society with the message for which the kathak is traditionally known since ancient India. Roshan’s endeavor is to successfully convey ‘a Message through her Dance’ to the viewers by way of their Entertainment, Education & Enlightenment. Rochit Kathak Akademi is ‘Ranked One-Up’ by viewers because they find that their knowledge gets upgraded through the presentation of Research based choreographies. The Akademi is well recognized for its special ability to transmit a special message effectively through its Social Aspect based Choreographies. She trains her students to perform well keeping the elegance of kathak tradition intact.
Roshan expertise lies in presenting specially commissioned thematic programs required for special occasions, using classical approach with contemporary technique.
Traditional Choreographies Research based Choreographies Social aspect based Choreographies
Rochit Kathak Akademi is potentially strong in presenting Traditional Compositions in full length Kathak repertoire in Solo, Group and Duet form.
Kathak Kaliedoscope
Duration: Upto 75 mins.
Presenting Traditional Compositions in full length Kathak repertoire.
Solo Compositions
Taal Compositions:
1)Taal Dhamar
2)Tishra Teen-Taal
5)RoopGarvitaa (Karpurmanjiri), 6)Shurpanakha (AdhamaNayika),
1)Dhirodhatta: Ravan,
2)Dhira-Lalita: Krishna,
• Ek Shloki Ramayan: Summarizing the whole Ramayanam in a
Single Shloka
• Vasant Gaan: Samadhun-Geet
• Bhajans
• Ardha-Naree-Nateshwara Stuti by Sant Tulsidas
• Surya Vandana
• Laavani( Baithi)
• Prithvee Che Prem Geet by Kavi Kusumagraj
• Tarana & others……….
Traditional Group Compositions
• Chaturang
• Dhrupad
• Sargam
• Tarana
• Zula
• Raas Nritya
• Hori
• Sargam-Tihai
• Disha Aur Resha
Duet Compositions
• Ahi-Nakul
• Krishnani-Begane-Baro
other choreographies
• Panchayatan Puja and its relevance to contemporary Kathak
• Ek Roop - Strength in Unity
• Nritya Saurabh - Lyrical Dance Expression of Poems in Various Languages
• Cactus- Positive & Optimistic view towards Life
• Vitthal-Sankeertan
• Munn (मन) (Mind/Heart)
Duration: 60 min.
Bringing out the artistic interrelation between Ancient Temple Sculptures, Miniature Paintings and Kathak through Dance and Multimedia Presentation. The composition traces the Kaleidoscopic Journey of Kathak through centuries in a very Swift, Artistic and Entertaining manner.
Duration: 45-60 min.
Vyom [Dance of Sphere] is a birth place of several Solar Systems, Galaxies and Planets. A dance ballet describing Astrology & Astronomy of Planets and interesting stories built around them and their natures.
Duration: 15 min.
A Ballet on Mahakavi Kalidasa’s Meghdootam and the Angika in Kathak Parampara with dramatic expression based on Natyashastra (Presented at Natya Parva – Symposium and Festival of Sanskrit Theatre organized by Sangeet Natak Academy New Delhi at Dharwad)
Lalit Alankrut Maharashtra
Duration: 90 min. Bringing alive on stage thru Dance and Multimedia Presentation the Ancient Sculptures, Paintings, Caves, Temples, Forts, Lalit and SantSaahitya of Maharashtra
Duration: 20 min. In this choreography the Classical Dancers demonstrate the ‘Significance of Space’ in ‘Dance’ & ‘Temple-Architecture’ through the Levels, Lines, Dimensions, Directions and Silence by the gestures of Kathak Dance.
Markanda Mandir: Shilpateel Sahityik Ashay
Duration: 60 min. Explaining through dance the Literary meaning of various Dance Sculptures seen carved in stone on Markanda-Dev Temple [also known as Khajuraho of Vidharbha, located 60 km from Chandrapur.]
Duration: 60 min.
Srushti is a Ballet created out of our Concern and Care for the Mother Nature. It is a humble attempt to herald an awakening in the direction of Restoration of Ecological Balance through the powerful art form Dance.
Nari Shakti: SatvitriBai Phule
Duration: 15 min.
A Kathak Ballet portraying the true life story of first Indian lady revolutionary Savitri Bai Phule; for her undaunted courage and her valuable contribution to Indian Society in women education. This show was presented for the 1st time at the 75th All India Women’s Conference.
Nari Shakti: Joan of Arc
Duration: 15 min.
A story of extra ordinary courageous French Shepherd - Girl. Known to be the youngest Lady-Warrior & key player in French revolution. Showcasing her true Patriotism & Determination. Prize winning choreography praised by French consulate in competition organised by Alliance Francias
Nari Shakti: Kasturba Gandhi
Duration: 15 min. A Kathak Ballet about an Indian Lady-Freedom Fighter-Activist of Sturdy Strength, an Ardent Teacher who taught women and children about basics of Personal Hygiene, Discipline, Reading and Writing, A Simple, Self-Effacing and Courageous Woman, a real strength behind Mahatma Gandhi. This show was presented for the 1st time at the 75th All India Women’s Conference
Bravery song in praise of Great Maratha King Shivaaji. This Poetic-Verse ‘Povada’ holds the audience to their seats spellbound, touched and inspired.
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